The TransTourism partnership is developing and implementing solutions for transport services adapted to rural tourism areas in the Northern Periphery.  Tourism is important to the economic and social sustainability of many communities in the Northern periphery area. The services developed in the project will facilitate development of tourism in the project area whilst reducing carbon emission and local congestion from private cars at peak season. This will also serve as examples for the rest of the programme area.

The project aims to demonstrate innovative, sustainable transport and transport information services that are environmentally beneficial and economically viable for rural tourism areas. The new services will improve accessibility by public transport and encourage lower car dependency for tourism activities in the project areas leading to longer term economic and environmental benefits.

The services includes new or improved  bus services, operated with a flexibility  to meet local and seasonal demands on traffic as well as better information and integration of travel opportunities with options for individual travel planning to and within rural areas.
Means to do this are shuttle bus services, on demand traffic and flexible time tables according to season in the Swedish winter tourism areas, supported by IT applications and small scale transport services adapted to visitor’s demands in East Iceland. It also includes development and implementation of smart card systems for local travels in the tourism areas in Northern Ireland and Ireland and development of an interactive website for travel planning in the Highlands of Scotland.

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