Partner meeting in Funasdalen, Sweden April 24-26 2012

Partner meeting - Hakan, Petter, Annika, David and Jonathan

Presentation about SITE Destination, Sweden - Anna Matsson

TransTourism Project management team - Derek, David, Frank, Jonathan, Carol, Petter, Hakan, Malin, Stefan, Jan, Edward and Annika


Partner meeting

Regional Conference "Sustainable transports in Northern Europe´s peripheral tourism areas" - Jan and Annika

Presentation about HITRANS´s "Journey Genie" - Frank

Best friends! - Malin and Carol

Bird-watching for Siberian Jay, Perisoreus infaustus (but we didn´t find it!)

Jonathan´s bird-watching

Snowmobile safari in the Funas mountains

Lunch in mountain lodge

Happy smiles! - David, Malin and Annika

Climbing Mount Skenoren (1174 meters above sea level)

On top of Mount Skenoren (1174 meters above sea level)

Guess who?

The Funas Mountains

Safe and happily back from snowmobile safari!

Guide at Musk oxen farm

Lunch time for Musk oxen

TransTourism partners watching Musk oxen safe "behind bars"!

Musk oxen Harje

The biggest Musk ox Harje

The biggest Musk ox Harje

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